Aurora, CO Gates And Fence Repair

Residential and commercial fences are required to ensure privacy and security, so when they start tilting or dissecting over time, it is important that they are fixed by a professional fence company with top-quality fence installers.

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Common Gates And Fence Repair Services

Wooden Fence Repair

Most houses in the Aurora area have cedar and redwood fences. Wooden fences look good and provide privacy and security around your home or business. Over time, water (rain and sprinkler overspray), wind and sun damage can cause a redwood or cedar tree fence to decay, bend and break. One of the more common failures with wooden fences is the twisting of the stakes and separating and falling off the rails. Another common failure is the decay of the post and the entire fence begins to bend and eventually begin to fall.


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Metal Fence Repair

Metal fences are sometimes easily damaged by wear and tear. When high winds are captured by your fence, the force applied to the fence pole is huge. The metals get rusted and it is common for this mast to stick to the base due to force, pre-existing decay and soft ground. We can look at the status of your entire fence and help you decide which parts to repair and which ones to replace.

Gates Repair

Gates often need repair, and the most common problem for repair is a dangling or smoothly unclosed fence. This may be due to a faulty door, defective hinges or ungraded hinges for weight load. In addition, the most common problem is that the gate posts did not go down to the right depth to prevent the mast from bending.

We Also Change Lost Pickets

Privacy fences made with sequoia piles or cedar piles in our region. These slats are usually 5/8 “x 6” and can be easily dissolved and bendable due to rain, sun, and extreme temperature. We can remove the old stakes that are divided, crooked or twisted. We can match your fence style and replace the stakes.

Aurora Fence Repair has been building high-quality, affordable fences in the Aurora area for years. Over the years, there hasn’t been a fencing repair project that we haven’t seen or solved yet.

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