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Nothing reflects the elegance and safety more than an iron fence. Our iron fence products come from baked powder-coated steel.

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Residential classes are 3 – 6 inches tall while commercial grades are 6 -8 inches tall. Many styles and accessories are available. Enjoy the strength, durability and low maintenance cost of iron fencing with the best ornamental iron fencing in Aurora from Aurora Fence Repair.

Ornamental Iron Fence gives the elegant look of wrought fencing without expensive maintenance traditionally requested by wrought iron. Many prefer an ornamental iron fence instead of an aluminum fence for their Colorado home. Iron fences provide additional strength compared to a welded Aluminum fence.

Our ornamental fence is galvanized inside and outside. Its components are designed to support each other by creating one of the most powerful ornamental fences on the market. The powder coating provides superior corrosion resistance, while the pile fence is almost maintenance-free. Choose from our complete range of fencing style and pile tops for your home.

For elegant fencing, nothing beats the timeless beauty of ornamental iron.
Some property owners may want more than “just a fence” in housing or commercial. Ornamental iron is particularly attractive when used to increase the front entry of a relatively large property. When used at various landscapes, an expression of elegance and

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Benefits Of Iron Fence

Benefit 1 : The obvious benefit of using an iron fence is beauty. Iron is an elegant way to provide a barrier to your garden. It fits well with the landscape while providing a strong and durable enclosure.

Benefit 2 : The second benefit of iron fencing is its strength. Some contractors are trying to sell aluminum fences but the iron fence is much stronger! For strength and durability, the ornamental iron fence can’t just be beaten.

Benefit 3 : The third benefit is that an iron fence ensures the best fencing safety. Our panels and doors are completely sourced. You won’t find a safer fence because we’re welding the panels to the poles instead of screwing them.

Benefit 4 : Another popular application of ornamental iron fences is to meet code regulations related to swimming pools and safety. A wrought iron housing with convenient door equipment will meet all swimming pool enclosure requirements and also allow swimmers to appreciate the external environment.

The ornamental iron fence is available as a black or white cooked enamel that never needs to paint. And style and embellishments are limited only to the owner’s imagination.

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